Watch my client - ADTI shine while the ball drops in Times Square -

I'm SOOOO proud of my client - ADTI media. They have a sign posted just in back of the ball in Times Square. Look for it on New Year's Eve.

View My Paycheck for Mobile Devices

I've spoken about the cool free web application, for a few years now. Today Intuit announced that a mobile edition is available and IT IS REALLY COOL.

Don't look for it in the app marketplace, simply type


into your mobile device web browser (then bookmark it so you can go back easily). It will send you to a nice mobile app that will allow the user easy access to all the paycheck info (including sick and vacation time). Since is is browser app (and not a marketplace app, it works on all mobile devices (android, ipad, iphone).

Such a great app and FREE is always nice.

Taking ipad's into Battle

ANOTHER LA Times article about the different uses of an ipad (or tablet). Instead of the military developing technology for commercial use, a pilot thought it would be much faster to use an ipad for map reading. They are finding targets on a map minutes sooner than by using a paper map. Click HERE to read the story.

Protect Yourself When Using Free Public WIFI

This LA Times article gives some very good simple tips to protect yourself when you are using a free public WIFI (like at a coffee shop). Make sure that you are using SSL or a secured connection when communicating with email and web browsing.

You can read the article here:,0,6292614...

Has the iPad Changed the Business World?

I was reading an article in IBD (Investor's Business Daily) about the adoption of the iPad for business use. According to the article, In July, Apple said 47% of Global 500 companies were testing or deploying iPads.

Will it replace laptops? Probably not, but if all you need is an internet and connection, it is a pretty cool device.

Click HERE to read the full story in IBD.

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